Coming up - Japan

Finally blogger stopped being such a bitch and it seems I can make a decent blog entry again so I'll try to do that.

So. I will be going back to Japan in less than two weeks to spend some time with friends and maybe find a job so I'm really excited! One month might sound like quite a long time but I'm actually worried that it won't be enough time for everything I want to do. 
I'm trying to focus on experiences this time and I'm gonna try not to shop... though I'm not sure how that's gonna turn out, I already have a few things that I really have to buy so maybe I won't succeed ;)

Pictures are from a day in Yoyogi park with a friend last winter. I promise myselft I'm gonna bring my camera everywhere this time. I've been too bad at taking pictures lately.

Tomorrow I'm going back to another 5days of work, then I'll start packing. I actually started picking out outfits for this trip a month ago but I'm stille not sure what to bring. I mean.. what you want to wear is kind of a "mood thing" for many people - and even fo me - so this makes it really difficult...  


Hair update

I finally got my computer fixed and can finally use everything I used to use for blogging and so on. Hopefully I can come back to normal blogging after this.It kinda feels like being born again, lol.

Anyway.. so I just wanted to make an update about my hair... it's brown again and I'm trying to grow it out, but I'd love to put in some extensions, dye it back to grey and get some layers.. because it's really hard geting it to do as I want when everything is about the same length. 
And yeah, I cut my bangs again.. BIG mistake in my opinion, but it'll have to do until I've grown it back out again.

This is how it looks like nowadays.

I'm practicing sujimori hairstyles a lot recently and hope I'll get better and better. But I believe the most important thing while doing sujimori is to have a hell lot of patience, really! AND a back mirror! lol

And oh! I put the prices down even more on the items in the sales post so have a look again^^

I'l be back soon with some pictures from Japan and stuff :3


Update about sales.


I just wanted to make a quick update to let you know I reduced the prices on the items in the sales post from last week. 
I also added a little section with approximate shipping costs so you get a better picture of what it would cost alltogether after shipping is added. 

So go get another look here^^

Have a nice day!


Sales post! - Reduced prices!!!

Hey everybody! Long time no see!

I decided to start selling off my clothes, shoes and more that I never use/don't use anymore. 
I might have to go back to Japan during next month so I'd like to get rid of it asap^^  
My room is a mess at the moment so I think there are still a lot of things in my closet that might show up here for sale later as well. But let's start with these I already listed.
There are everything from gyaru to visual kei and harajuku fashion so please have a look^^

How to buy: Just leave a comment with your email adress +the item/items you want and I'll contact you as soon as possible.
I accept PayPal.

Shipping costs (depending on size and weight of the item/items):
Inside Sweden: From 5€ - 10€
International: From 10€ - 25€

I do not take any responsibility for lost or damaged packages.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

EDIT: Since I am a owner of four cats I will wash all clothes (and remove hair if any) before sending them anywhere. But if you have any allergies and/or are extreemely sensitive to cats you may want to reconsider buying from me. 

1. Diable baiser shoes LL (24.5~25cm). Heel: 11cm. 
    Brand new
    40€ - 29€  19€

2. Diable baiser clear heel shoes LL (24.5~25cm). Heel: 11cm.
    Brand new
    40€ - 29€ 19€

3. Diable baiser double shirt japanese 3L (fits M~L)
    Brand new.
    35€ - 29€ 22€

4. Body line corset skirt. Free size (fits XS~M)
    Worn 3 times. As good as new.
    55€ - 49€ SOLD

5. Black faux fur bolero from Sisters point. Size M
    Worn once. As good as new.
    20€ - 15€ 9€

6. CRYX grey one pice short shirt dress. Free size (S~M)
    Worn twice. As good as new.
    40€ - 35€ 29€

7. Rebel heart cute floral shoes. Size: EU 40 (US 9/UK 7)
    Brand new.
    25€ - 18€ 12

8. Iron fist drop dead pink leopard shoes. Size: EU 41 (US 10/UK8) Heel: 9cm
    Brand new.
    40€ - 35€ SOLD

9. Dark red rum FF. Jelly pants. Free size, fits S~M
    Worn 3 times. Good condition.
    Bought for 120€ back in my visual kei days. 
    65€ - 49€ 35€

10. H. Anarchy long sleeved shirt from H.NAOTO
      Worn a few times. Good condition. Size: Free, fits S~M
      25€ - 19€

11. Maison GILFY off shoulder diagonal zipper shirt. Size: M
      Worn a few times. Good condition

12. Brass long sleeved leopard shirt. Free size, fits S~M
      Worn once. As good as new.
      20€ 12€

13. Cecil McBee black one piece/long top with chain. Free size (S~M)
      Worn once. Good condition.
      25€ - 15€ 9€

14. Listen heartbeat Harajuku T-shirt. Free size, fits S~M
      Worn a few times, good condition.
      12€ - 5€ 2€

15. Off brand halterneck top with cutout on the left side. Size M
      Worn 3 times. Good condition.
      5€ 2€

16. White off brand one shoulder top (adjustable strap). Free size.
      Worn 2 times. Good condition.
      5€ 2€

17. Off brand off shoulder short top with zippers. Free size.
      Worn 2 times. As good a new.
      10€ - 5€ 2€

18. Pink off brand long sleved top with zippers. Size M
      Worn once. As good as new.
      25€ - 19€ 12€

19. Tralala (from Liz Lisa) skirt. Size M (waist 64~70cm)
      Worn a few times. Good condition.
      35€ - 29€ 24€

20. Kuromi kigurumi. Free size fits people from 155~170cm tall.
      Worn 2 times. Good condition.
      35€ - 29€ 19€

21. Tralala (from Liz Lisa) knit with removeable beads chain. Size M (should also fit S)
      Worn 3 times. Good condition.
      45€ - 35€ 29€

22. Black Kyaba/coctail dress. Free size (S~M)
      Brand new.
      45€ - 35€ 29€

23. DELYLE skirt. Free size (S~M)
Worn a few times. Good condition.
30€ SOLD

24. Dress bought at Closet child for about 70€
Worn three times. The lining has been repaired due to a few broken seams but the outer material is in top condition!
40€ - 29€

25. Body Line polkadot dress. Free size (S~M)
      Worn once. Good condition.
      25€ - 19€  12€

26. Pink halterneck Kyaba/coctail dress with rhinestones. Free size (S~M)
      Worn once. As good as new.
      45€ - 35€ - 29€

27. Black/zebra shoulder backpack.
      Brand new.
      25€ - 19€

28. Harajuku piano shoulder bag.
      Starting to get a little bit worn out, but still looks good.
      5€ 2€

29. AC/DC Harajuku harem pants.
      Worn a few times, good condition. 
      25€ - 19€ 9€

30. d.i.a. like jeans from Diable baiser. Japan size 3L (L~LL)
      Worn once, but too big for me :( perfect condition!
      45€ - 39€ 29€

31. Floppy hat.
      Brand new.
      15€ - 10€ 5€

32. d.i.a. top. Free size (S~M)
      Worn twice. Perfect condition.
      46€ - 39€

33. Vero Moda one shoulder top. Size S
      Never worn. 
      5€ 2€

34. Off brand sparkle long top. Size M
      Worn once. Good condition.
      5€ 2€

35. Diable baiser overalls. Khaki color. Size LL (measures 150cm from shoulder to end of leg)
      Brand new.
      40€ - 35€ 29€

I'm sorry about the layout in this post, neither my brain or my computer wants to cooperate at the moment.

Hope you find something you like!